Monday, August 13, 2012

PJH Health Day

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

Finally after Health Screening Day, i've joined PJH Health Day at Botanical Garden, Putrajaya. I was shocked when i'd received one call for PJH staff telling that i've been selected for the Biggest Loser Challenge. I was speechless..Then, after a call, i'd received an email saying "Congratulations".

I was so excited knowing that i have been selected.. Nothing can express my feeling.. So, on 18th July me n my friend went to the place..Very early morning, we had done an aerobic. after then, breakfast..then we had lauching that event..then exercise again, then have a talk by Dr. Azrul (our coach for this challenge)., then exercise again, lunch time, talk again and finally tea time and going back. The event was a full day event, from morning till evening..Means we still working on that day, tought just a different places and different activities. Let's check it out the photo throught out the event... :)

Lauching Time by our CEO, Head HSE & our GM.

Signing a pledge..

We were "Biggest Loser Challenge team".yeay! 
except GM ok. hehe:)

Me with Pn. free weighing scale.

15 out of 50 person who has been selected

Signing Pledge..pose :)

One of our coach from An-Nur Specialist.
(Dr.Azrul) He's always energetic.

me & nana has been selected to joined this program.
both of us is under Mentor.. :p

With HSE TEAM (my HSE boss, Mr. Rahim & Nasz)

Enjoyment fellas!

nana & kak anna on the Q to get a food..

This is KLCCUH team..

one of our HSE team also, Romzie

lepaking time..haha

Time for exercise n focus on talk.

4 mins Tabata Exercise. it works u!

Kak anna won a lucky draw yeay! got a ball rolling..

After that, balikk la. reached office around 6pm and got home around 9pm..
hehhe.. That was a good event..So, i need to start work out to win this challenge.
Hope i can do it! Pray for me, guys. :)

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