Friday, April 22, 2011


Yesterday night i supposed to go to Justin Bieber Concert, but then my friend suddenly cancel it. The hurt part is she can't meet up coz have sumthing else to, she decided to give the tickets to her younger sister. But after waiting so long..waiting her to call me, waiting her to text me...coz she switched off her phone in all,after waiting almost an hour, i  got an idea..i think why dun i just go to watch Justin Bieber Movie "Never Say Never"?? So, i can't wait tired of waiting really..and i hate it so much when people wasting my time. U know wut, i have prepared by changing my cloths after work. I hate her! Okay, the best part is her younger sister just text me after i bought d ticket. The sound of the text was like this "My sister want me to go to the concert with u, but i want to give the ticket to my, i will just go with my fren. Im sorry!"......What else can i say on that time??. I just take a deep breath and i say it slowly with hard sound "FUCCCCKKK YOUUUU!!!"... DAMN! I feel so bad...

So, i text my fren told im not going to the concert..i told my hubby so sick with her. whatever reason dat she have, she supposed to told me early..u know right, i was try to chat her at facebook..but non. I trusted her becoz i tought she have changed..but she NEVER CHANGED..

With all courage, i get up and move forward. i went to watch Justin Bieber Movie 3D..its really interesting to know his journey from small kids, small town to the very famous singer that brought new phenomenon to music industry. Every single people esp. girls going crazy whole world when looked at his cute face, his hair, his talent, his voice, his song, his dance, and make girls out there become MORE CRAZY is when looked at his CUTE SMILE.. can melt our heart.

Its so touching..i can't believe i was crying. Its so amazing.. is it because he try to make people happy and love when see his performance on stage.he dun want to make a kids and teenagers let down if he cancel one concert becoz of not health. he still want to meet his fans.. he tried to do 100% for fans and he want to satisfied his fans.. Im speechless..all i can say IT'S WONDERFUL!! and im satisfied really.

So, enjoy a JB pics..u gonna love it..i just take it a few from net. Enjoy Guys..
my last word is i won't let my fren put me down.. i will make myself happy more than u can do! so, LOVE YOURSELF..

JB feat with Usher (his Mentor) - Somebody To Love
with miley cyrus.. OVERBOARD song
with Ludacris (Baby s0ng..hit song)

JB feat with Jaden Smith for NEVER SAY NEVER (KARATE KID)

feat sean kingston - Eenie Meenie song

amazing performance

dance guys..

so touching


cute smile

JB sing from there..romantic 



with Salena Gomez to Malaysia

JB Trademark

5 comment:

Ezza Z said...

sape yang menggelabah sangat tu hajar?
kalau da janji,tunaikan la kan?
bile cll off pulaks.
kite plak rase cam nak kaki2 je org tu.

**Bila Comel Jadi Comot** said...

mmg comey mmg terbaik ini boodack la..i like la..sangat2 la...

Ct_hAjAr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ct_hAjAr said...

kak comel: yup..comel kan justin bieber.. i like tooo...

Ct_hAjAr said... tu member i ex-officemate. tak sangka la kan i terkena.. sumpah mak taubat. ekekeke

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