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Better Single Than Sorry

"Better Single Than Sorry" is one of my fav book dat i borrowed from national library. When i accompany my bff to borrowed a islamic novels from there,i suddenly saw this book. The title of the book attract me to know wut it is bout. But i didnt borrow at dat time coz i just want to look around. Few days later, i went there again to study for my final exam dat will coming very soon. After do my revision,i go to Wisma Sejarah the building dat located all books to borrowed.I go around hoping i can find this book..about an hour i've been there. Suddenly, i saw this book right in front of me, i pick it and start looking inside again..the story is interesting. So, i borrowed la. 

Okay, wut is the content of this book? this is book is about Jen Schefft, the author dat wrotten this book based on his experience being single, and because want to share to the world to be strong to being a single.

Jen Schefft

Why i love this book?
It is because the author review on this matter as a positive way.She try to make people understand his decision to become single.But, deep inside she still want somebody to be her future husband. Just like she said " IF MARRIAGE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A LIFELONG COMMITMENT, IT SHOULD BE OKAY TO TAKE YOUR TIME TO FIND YOUR PERFECT MATCH".
And one of the reason why she's being single is it because she's so afraid if marriage wil turns to
DIVORCED matter.

Ya, that's the reason why i'm not trust with marriage. Even i have a bf doesnt mean i will married with him. Of course everyone want to married, and have their babies then living in happiness. Who dun want dat?
When my fren asked me, "When u turns to get married since most of our fren already married?"
And i answer her "Look, i dun want to get married at this age(my age this year is 25), maybe i will get married around 30 something or last target is 36.Even if, i have to be a bachelorette, i wil accept."
U know wut,my fren get shocked with my answer. 
But i didnt leave her like dat. I explained her the reason dat i'd do like dat.
Because is my commitment to my family, commitment on my study, commitment to myself.
I didnt have a car nor driving license, a house, even personal saving money in the bank..
I didnt have..
Commitment to my family has stopped me to fulfill my needed.
I like to look to my fren, dat they're no need to fill their family needed, just all the salary for themself only.
But, when i think again,
All things than i've been through since a young teach me to be matured inside.
I dun need to tells people physically dat im matured.
Only me knows wut the best for me.
Like, Jen Schefft..she have her own apartment at 28years old. She's so happy with her life. 
I was thought dat only me will think to be single.
But when i read this book, many people in the world have to face it by a SINGLE STATUS.

But be a single, not easy.its not a curse like Jen Schefft said. Its so challenging u.
First, u need to face ur PARENT.
Second, ur FRIEND.
Third, u need to face with PEOPLE.
But i have ready to face all of them. I have told my mum earlier dat i wont married dis age. She's understand me well.that's gud sign for me. I have told my fren the same thing and they're understand too.
Just people i need to face to.To face with the world, not easy. i will make people understand too like Jen Schefft do. 

One things dat i want u all know is:-
If i get married with my bf now one day,
please, please n please give me 
And i will prepare my self to enter this stage named Marriage.
If my bf not suitable with me,
please, please n please understand me
dat its so hurt to have new relationship with other guy again.
coz its so HURT..
So, just let me being SINGLE..


Jen Schefft won 2003's The Bachelor and starred in 2004's The Bachelorette. Walking away from both after turning down two proposals. Jen believes it would be a far worse fate to commit to a relationship that was wrong for her. 
details bout her visit
or u can search google and see so many stories bout her..

Last but not least, all i want to say is I LOVE YOUR COURAGE, JEN SCHEFFT!!

The author has been met with her dream husband, Joe Waterman, PR executive from Chicago. After wait for a long time, she got married finally..

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Jen Schefft has been married to Joe Waterman since May 15, 2009. They have been married for 1.8 years.

Got pregnant and welcomes first child on 13 November 2010.

Baby girl named Mae Elizabeth Waterman..

~It takes a long time to find our true love..
.and i believe in dat..~


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