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Keajaiban Surah Yasin - Ayat ke58

Bismillah.. As-Salam..
Sharing is Caring.
Base on true story from others...... ..... 
Story 1
Alhamdulillah. ....I'm an acute migraine sufferer to the extent of vomitting and becoming imbalance. Every time it happens, I have to take antacid & synflex.
Antacid is to line the stomach before taking synflex which is a stronger pain killer than panadol. This is to let you know t he strength of synflex that so much so I have to take antacid prior to swallowing synflex.
This worries me quite a bit as taking pain killers posed other health concerns later.I've tried many times to manage it without swallowing synflex but it got worst. Hence, I'm resigned to probably take synflex for the rest of my life at that time! 
Then, one day one of my friend have so kind heartedly emailed me the ways and hows to cure headache by one Singapore Ustazah (sorry can't remember the name of the sender as well as the Ustazah).The method includes reading this ayat. I've tried it and Alhamdullillah, being a bad migraine sufferer, I'm amazed at the miraculous cure! However, you have to do it repeatedly. For once in my life, I did not need to take synflex ! You see, strangely about migraine sufferer, we can feel when the attacks are coming and when it starts to ebb away.

So, friends, save this method onto your
handphone "Notes" or "To-do List" so that when you have a headache and with strong conviction, do the method, Insyaallah, it will work!  

1. Read Al fatihah (1x)
2. Read Surah Al-Ikhlas (3x)
3. Read Surah Yassin Ayat ke-58

   "Sala mun Qaulan Minrabbirrahim" (3x) 

4. Read Selawat (3x)

What I did was, I blew it onto my palms and put my palms on my head for a while.After that, I repeated the whole process again.
I hope by sharing this experience, we become more confident of ayat2 Allah. Another sister has shared her experience below. Please read. This ayat [dengan izin ALLAH SWT] is really powerful!
Story 2 
My sister was staying with me some months ago. My sister was bleeding profusely akibat pendarahan dalaman (internal bleeding).Teringatkan Pak Kiai di Rawang yang sering merawat sister itu, I asked my niece to call and ask him what we should do? 

He said "baca ayat 58 dari surah Yassin dan niat sambil meniup kearah duburnya bagi menghentikan pendarahan tersebut".
So my niece pun buatlah. A few seconds later darah pun berhenti. Oh god, what a miracle, alhamdullilah, leganya.

From that day onwards, itulah yang saya buat apabila ada orang yang perlu bantuan menghentikan pendarahan.
Yakinlah dgn ayat2 Allah! 

Barangsiapa yang membaca YAASIN sepenuhnya dan pada ayat ke 58 surah tersebut
"SALAAMUN QAULAN MIN RABBIN RAHIM" diulang sebanyak 7 kali untuk 7 niat baikmu, Insya Allah dengan izin Yang Maha Esa dan Maha Kuasa, semua hajatmu akan dikabulkan.

Sampaikan dakwah ini kepada sahabat anda tiada kerugian bahkan digalakkan. Ikhlaskanlah hatimu menyampaikan dakwah ini kerana Allah.. Dunia adalah pentas, akhirat tempatnya yang sebenar..

Wallahua'lam bissawab 

Another link ke2 => 

Rahsia Surah Yasin Ayat yang Ke- 58

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