Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Consequences of stress at work

Assalamualaikum w.b.t....

I know, you  all  already see this kind of entry right? Actually,i  get this from my email that my friend forwarded it to me long time ago..Just have a chance to share it with you  all  now. Becos all this pictures was so funny. I'm sure most of us have a same story at work. Since we start working till now..This pictures show us the chronology. 

1st day
> You listen to Stevie Wonder

> Its your first day and everything is fine .....

> After 3 months, 
you may either like this 

or like this 

> You listen to HOUSE music
> as you are overloaded!

> After 6 months

> You listen to Heavy Metal
> and you start to see double as you work from 08.00 am till noon!


> After 9 months ...
> You listen to Hip Hop

> You are fat because of stress.... and you suffer from constipation!

> After 1 year ...

> You listen to GANGSTA RAP

> You click your eye and live from Coffee!

> After 3 years ....
> You listen to Techno

> And you are a bit crazy ... completely .... Crazy.... !

> And finally after several years....
> >
> ...

You will become like this machine guns cat if you can't control yourself.. 

Last but not least, "Everything we do, remember we have Allah at ourside..always.." =D

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