Thursday, February 2, 2012

Terrible Fever Attacked ME

Last thursday, i got headache + fever + flu + sore throat + cough..It is suddenly came after i got headache at first..and then it turn bad.I can't slept well..i woke up in d late night every 1hour. it makes me sleeplessAnd, u know wut? d result is my body was very weak on Friday..I can't talk much with people..i'd bought cool fever patch to reduce d hotness on my forehead. but it still not gone. Then, i decided to rest a.k.a sleep. i got deep slept starting from 10am till 1.30p.m.i'd rested well2..many people were so nice to me on dat day. Kak Dora, KZ, Raja Faisal, Nadia, Kak Fiza, En. Aznor, En. Azman, & Ijoi. They're take care so much about me.Thanks guys..I'm so touched.. :)

My body getting better now after i took a medicines from Hospital Kuala Lumpur as RAWATAN PESAKIT LUAR. I got medical leave on last Monday..Thanks to Dr.Anitha coz give me strong medicine and d medicines about to finish la..but its ok. I can be like a normal again. Alhamdulillah..

2 comment:

Ezza Z said...

Demam juga.
macam da pakat je.
btw get well soon sayangs.

Ct_hAjAr said...

hahha..zaty demam gak..thanks..oh,moga cepat sembuh juga dear..

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