Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Love this Photo!!


`AiMi SyAhirAh`

cantik tak gambar2 tue?
sangat cantik
i'm speechless..
ok..dat was my ex-schoolmates
she's so beautiful now
she become a muslimah model
who say can't be a model even wearing a hijab.
she showed dat she can.
i'm so proud with her.
this pic where were taken at Putrajaya, i guess

wanna find out more about her..
come visit her blog at

2 comment:

~AiMi SyAhiRAh~ said...

Thanks Hajar.. Sangat segan cos bukan femes sangat pun kita. huhu. Sangat terharu..=')

Ct_hAjAr said...

hehe..takde la timenye utk femes nyah...suka sgt this all pic.

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