Friday, November 11, 2011

Penang Food Restaurant

Lunch time we always go to
our favourite restaurant where is located at Avenue K close to KLCC
There is have a restaurant near Putra LRT station downstairs
Many choices.
The important thing is they selling food cheap & so yummy..

So our favourite restaurant is

Spicy & Sour Pan Mee Soup..
So spicy really..

This one is Noodle King 
or in other word 
Yee Mee Cantonese Style
Another my favourite food is 
Yee Mee Soup
The taste so delicious..marvellous...

sO Try lorr..
Once u come, u will come again.. :)

2 comment:

Ezza Z said...

Lame giler tak keluar makan same2 kan hajar?
Takpe2..lepas kawen i buat makan2 kat rumah i tapi bukan i la yg masak. beli kedai je. hewhew.

Ct_hAjAr said...

tau xpe..beli kedai, sabo je la..kena masak la..xpe, ti kite masak sesama..musti best lepak umah zaty..hehe..

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