Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My small cave~

This is my station.
The place to do my work.
Not much document in my desk
i dun like messy!!

 Of course all documents must put in the tray.
before going home, all that i'll kept it in the drawer n locked. 
so that, no any document missing when i'm not around.

Oh, bout the pc.its very old school model u know.
u see the monitor?? i still use the bigger monitor. most of them already use LCD lol..
But its okay as long as the desktop still can work fast, i'm okay with it.

My teapot, spoon, fork its together in the small tray given by kak Anna.
Thanks kak Anna..

Did u guys see the new year card there?
Its given by Angela a.k.a Nurul from Otis Elevator Company (M) Sdn.Bhd. 
It was last year. She's so kind..i appreciated that..thanks angela.

Motivation word there is a must!

A'ha...Malaysian flag also there.
I was excited to celebrated Merdeka Day & Malaysia Day last time..
Given by kak Anna.. :)
Makes my desk complete..

The compartment given by kak dora..
Need to drink more to keep healthy.thats why me bought that big bottle with kak Fiza.
The small fan-fold (kipas lipat-kayu) given by KZ.

A bouquet of flowers..
it's already dried. it's belong to kak Comel before.
I asked her to took it when she packed her things to leave the company.
Same goes to the Britney Spears Perfume (Midnight Fantasy) box.
its a memory that i still keep in my mind when we were together last time.
Missed her damn much.

Beautiful green basket with flowers
Body spray, vitamins, cologne, lotion
in there to make me feel so calm...
plus Cabtree-Evelyn biscuit
from hamper given by supplier lorr..

I love this side.
Full of key chains.
My friends gave it..
2 of them from UMi..thanks umi.nanti bagi lagi ek.hehe

Small stationeries there.Can't put many, it will missing lorr..
Yasin book i keep it safe there..
gave by Major Wan Chik when first time i joined Safety Department group.
names of Allah i stick close to key chains to inspire me that
Allah always be my side.. :)

Cute bear with small u teddy..dun be naughty ya..
The calendar there, easy for me to look up and plan the holiday..hahaha.
Did u see the frame. i got it when i joined Nasyid with my officemates n bosses last time 
(iftar KLCC at CONVEX).
the dried flowers i took it at Convex also..hehe
Small notes using Double A n Post it-notes sticker.
No snacks like before..i decided to put a small nuts in the tiny tupperware.
kak angelina ibrahim gave me. she now not in our company.she do 'hijrah' to other company.

May Allah bless u all my friend.
You all always shining my life with your love,cares..
It's so blessful..
Thanks coz had being my friend. 
it such a beatiful honour to me..
May you guys live with full of joy, prosperity and happiness
ever after.. (^_^)

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