Monday, May 30, 2011

Tied down ur friendship!

Yesterday, i was so i just go checkout new blog's updates from my fren & other bloggers. So, i was stop my blogwalking to my fren blog. Suddenly, i was wondering why my bff said something make them very annoying to my fren blog entry before. I try to find it myself by reading from previous entry till the current entry. Then, finally i found one entry. 

I read it slowly..just a simple entry mention dat the owner wants her bff to get married. So, i know now why my bestfriend got mad with that person. It is because my name and my bff was not listed in dat entry. 

After i try to discover & understand why my fren can be like dat.. i got a good quotes to answers all a question..

Here the answers:-

"A lot of people come and go, many of them will leave footprints in your heart, but only one will come, and forever stay."


"The Only People You Need In Life , Are The People Who Show You They Need You In Theirs..."

So, my fren please dun get hurt about this matter. Soon, we will choose one person dat give meaningful lifetime and some may not. 

So, we just need people dat want u more in their life. If they dun, they have the right to do so. Coz people always change, maybe not now, maybe in the future.
Tied ur friendship with the people dat u want to till the end of the world.


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