Friday, October 29, 2010

‘World’s Coolest Intern‘ Contest by nuffnang

Wow..the contest by nuffnang is coming back.. Before this nuffnang doing a contest for Vaseline..but i forgot la to join in..But i won't miss this new contest..Why i think im cool enough? wut do u think guys?

I should be proud of myself.. Im cool enough coz im independent gurlz.. Why? Coz, every thing dat happen to me i've done my self. Study, working... I walk out tru stress, tears, sweat.. It make me learn how to manage life n to get better life future.. Im still teenangers.. I need to open minded n think beyond mind-box. hahaha... But everything in your life dun forget to who was behind u n who always give support to u. Im proud coz i have my friends, my family, my hubby dat always support me.. n to God dat always hear my prayer.. Thanks to God n all of u guys..n dun forgot to nuffnang dat still continue put advertiser to advertise their product in my blog n my followers..i love you guys...

Look out my coolest pictures..

Cool ha? ngeh :)

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