Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I want to say SORRY to all my follower..not so many. but still have. hehe(^-^)
it is because my blog got hacked by DOS dat was attacked gengblogger.com site. The site that i always visit. [i tak tau la ape kebendanye binatang tu sehingga meragut blog i] detail check on http://tubeilmu.blogspot.com/search/label/Vulnerable
It make me stressful n sad when my fren told me dat my blog cannot be open n it appears WARNING on d screen page. Sorry for inconvenience caused fren..  so, for ur info exoticlifes.blogspot doesn't exist again. 
I was changed it to indahnyahidupku.blogspot before.. I think the domain address doesn't suitable so i just changed it for last time to lifeissecret.blogspot.com.

Why i call "life is secret"? 
Let me Explain to u guys..

Life is always secret..
NOt everybody knows what happening in our life
TiLL we tell people n share with them
All joy and happiness
All Cry and Sadness
All our life

So, not everyday [hidupku indah]
Sometimes we got tired with our life
Its become us so bored
But, that is life
You guys can't denied it
Coz life is always beautiful
From all this combination
Make our life so 

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